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Monday Money $aving Tip: Check on your bank account.

Pretend you're the Sherlock Holmes of your account to check regularly for funny-looking charges. Staying on top of your current balance & past purchases allows you to spot errors as well as areas of your spending that can be cut back. (Do you really need take-out three days a week?)

Want more tips on saving money or help with budgeting:

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19 hours ago

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Donating to charity doesn't always require donating money (or dumping ice water on your head).

Check out our list of ways to donate that won't cost you any $$:

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6 days ago

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Would you LIKE some extra cash?? We brainstormed a list of the top 10 ways to earn extra cash without getting a second job. View the list:

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7 days ago

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Monday Saving Tip: Get your hair done for free.
Search online for local beauty schools. An appointment with a student in training may mean a majorly discounted (or even free) haircut.

SHARE your money saving beauty tips with us here! For more money saving tips or help with budgeting click here:

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1 week ago

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